Saturday, 2 April 2011

No wisdom here

Had my wisdom teeth out...
General anesthetic was pretty awesome- i felt like liquid metal was being injected into my veins- running up my arm- into my throat. It filled my breath as i exhaled- bitter and clinical, and then sleep. It was all very calm, the anesthetist stroked my face and told me to have a good sleep. It felt very Jean-Pierre Jeunet, slightly perverse- but no less comforting for it. When i woke up, a big gay bear nurse was having his birthday celebrated, he was kind and took care of me. I was on my way home 15 mins later, covered in blood- but convinced nothing had happened.

Now my diet consists of soup, soup, milkshakes and soup.

I also had a breathing tube in my nose which seems to have been ripped out with some force, meaning not only is my mouth constantly full of blood- my nose is also. This is all getting very gory.. so i'll just leave a pic of me when i got home...

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