Monday, 10 August 2009

Norton is my idol.

I have a current obsession with heavily patterned tailored trousers, some so violent on the eye they should come with an epilepsy warning. I've even caught myself getting excited over 90's Versace on ebay, I've been told to calm down by certain folk, but i think if a jobs worth doing....
I can't help thinking 'Graham Norton is my current fashion icon?' so wrong, but yet so right.
Get ready to get wonky eyed as you stare into someone crotch.

Rohan Kale, MA graduate from LCF this year has some beauties...

other faves are Mcqueen, last season. mens. womens. all.
Makes me want to rip down my grans curtains, reprint them and get them on my legs. in a good way.

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