Tuesday, 14 April 2009

First Blog!

Here goes!

I've never been one for blogging, but I think now's the time to give in...
Hopefully my site will launch very soon, have some people working on it- and I've been mental busy organising old work, shooting new work, and getting everything ready to go. So I am aiming to link this up with my site (if all goes to plan!) But for now I thought I'd use this to keep a track on what's been happening recently.

A shoot I recently worked on for the publication Soy Victim came out today, with one of my images on the cover! It was my first shoot back for a while after taking some time to work on other projects, and it's also my first ever cover! so I'm happy happy!!

will post a couple of the other shots... it turned out t0 be a 16 page shoot, but i wont bore you with all... you can wait for my website for that! haha.

Make-up -- Lucy Bridge
Photography -- Matthew Brindle & Thom Will
Hair -- Declan Sheils.

You should be able to flick through the mag online- but the server is down so I'll post the link when all is well.


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